There are a wide variety of lotions available to compliment your UV tanning experience. Though there are several brands to select from, there are specific types of lotions available for different needs. Below is a list of the different types of lotions to help you identify the best for you.


Intensifies the production of melanin and naturally develops color without bronzers.

Cosmetic Bronzer

Immediate and temporary results with cosmetic color (DHA-free).

DHA Bronzer

Delayed DHA bronzers produce color results within four hours and typically last up to seven days.

Natural Bronzer

Utilizes natural tanning ingredients, such as Caramel, Henna, and Black Walnut. These ‘bronzers’ are streak free, cosmetic-free and DHA-free.


Stimulates and increases microcirculation causing a warming or tingling sensation and reddening effect to the skin. Recommended for advanced tanners only.


Cooling sensation during and immediately after tanning.


Not certain which lotion is best for you? Try our lotion shots¬†which are available in ‘flavors of the month.’

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